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God has done great things. Feel free to share with us what God has done in your life or family e.t.c, through the God Revolution meetings or messages. Send in your testimony via this form.

List of Testimonies

Short arm grows instantly
A woman who had one arm shorter than the other came forward for prayer after Evangelist David preached about creative miracles of God. She received a creative miracle as the congregation watched with their own eyes. The shorter arm grew to the same length as the other by the power of God.

Short leg grows longer
In an outdoor crusade, a man who had back pain was called up to the platform. Because the back pain was due to one leg being shorter than the other, Evangelist David prayed for a creative miracle. God gave instant growth to the shorter leg before the very eyes of everyone and at the same time the back pain went away.

Another man who saw that miracle take place got faith for his own healing and ran onto the platform without invitation and God healed him too.

Paralysed leg healed
A woman who had been paralysed in one leg for three months and also could not bend her knee was instantly touched by the power of God and regained full use of her leg.

Growth disappears
A man who had a large growth in his groin for a long time and walked with painful discomfort was to have a surgical operation to remove it but after hearing Evangelist David Kyeyune preach on the power of God, he came forward for prayer. God took the pain away instantly and the growth too.

Healed and delivered from long illness
After a Sunday morning service a worried family invited David to their home to pray for their sister who had been bed-ridden for a long time with little hope and no signs of getting better. Evangelist David spoke to her about the healing power and mercy of God and prayed for her as well. She got healed and in a few days’ time looked her right age again.

Allergy of many years healed
A woman who was allergic to eggs and could not eat them for years was healed by God in a week long miracle healing seminar. Evangelist David Kyeyune told her to test her healing by deliberately eating eggs. There was no trace of the allergy anymore.

Healed of shoulder stiffness
In an outdoor crusade a man who could not move his arm around due to stiffness in the shoulder was instantly healed to his amazement.

Back injury healed instantly
After preaching on the mercy of God, David called out those that had back problems.

A teenage girl who injured her back while playing netball at school was not able to bend over to touch her toes due to constant back pain for about three years. Evangelist Kyeyune told her to lift her hands to God and pray for herself as he and the congregation stretched their hands toward her. This she did with tears streaming down her face and God healed her instantly and completely!!

Many more miracles to be published to glorify God.