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Pray and Help Persecuted Christians in Jaranwala, Faisalabad

Pray and Help Persecuted Christians in Jaranwala, Faisalabad


On Wednesday 16th August 2023, a large group of people in Jaranwala town of Faisalabad district attacked the residences of members of the Christian community, the office of the local assistant commissioner, and ransacked and torched five churches. The incident was reportedly triggered by an alleged case of blasphemy.

Families in this christian community lost everything as their homes were burnt down and some have also lost their jobs. They are in great need of food, water, shelter and household essentials. They need alot of help to rebuild. They need our prayers and support in this very challenging situation. Our prayer is that they will be even stronger in the love, peace and joy of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Imran Sadiq and his team of kind christian brothers and sisters are actively comforting, and delivering much needed relief food and other very essential items.

If you are reading or watching this post and feel that you want to help these precious brothers and sisters in Christ, please contact Evangelist David Kyeyune .



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